No Response From DHTMLX Regarding Sales / Problems



I think I have stopped receiving e-mail from you guys. I’m having our IT guys look into it to make sure your e-mails are not being blocked on our end. In the meantime I’ll try my questions again in this forum.

I need this issue fixed: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=37196

Is this fixed in the latest version of DHTMLX (4.3)? If so, I need to download it. We purchased the full suite back during version 3. It was my understanding we get 1 free upgrade to version 4 (and all 4’s increments), correct? You guys sent me the e-mail with the download link for 4.1.2 pro when it was released, but I haven’t received any since. I would like to download 4.3 professional.

I have also sent other e-mails asking about purchasing more support and haven’t received a response. I do have a DHTMLX support license reg. number but don’t want to post it in here.

The last e-mail I sent was on Mon 5/18/2015 2:44 PM and had a subject of “RE: Complete Demo / Purchase Support”. It contains a complete demo about another issue we have and some questions about purchasing more support. Did you receive that e-mail? Please help. Thank you.


My firewalls guy said they were blocking the Lithuania server that your e-mails come from. They made some adjustments. I’m sending my e-mail to you again right now. But you could also answer my questions here if you want. Thanks.


I’m also having the same problem, after the initial download, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get more updates …


Hi Gordon,

For now we still didn’t receive any emails from you.

One major update is considered to be the version 4.0 for you. You’re not entitled to receive any 4.x for free. If you have received it, it was a mistake. We apologize for it. So if you want to receive the version 4.3, you need to purchase the support extension. I’ll send all the details to you by email today.

As for your email with subject of “RE: Complete Demo / Purchase Support” - unfortunately, we didn’t receive it.



You can get the version 4.3 for free, and it was sent to you after the update. Maybe it got into your spam folder. Please contact, we’ll resend you the link and check whether you’re subscribed for DHTMLX newsletter or not.



Thanks. We purchased enterprise from you earlier today. I just sent another e-mail with the subject “Two Issues: Can’t Access Members Support / Complete Demo”. Please let me know if you get it. The e-mail you didn’t get before might be because it had a 20+meg attachment. It was big because I included a video demonstrating the issue. I removed that video.

I also cannot sign in to members support using email/reg.number info that was e-mailed to me today. It keeps saying “my support period has expired”.




Unfortunately, we still weren’t managed to get any email from you. But the access to your support account has been fixed, please try to login now and open the ticket regarding your issue.



I am having the similar problem.

  • No one response to us after filling the contact form.
  • No one response to our emails.

Hope I get reply here.

Thank you.


Hi Cymok, the reply has been already sent to you via email.