no right rendering on timeline pdf output

I can’t get the right output on pdf timeline
screenshot on attachement file.
I tried to edit the pdWrapper.php file on “// draws timeline events” with no results.
thanks in advance

Try to use dhtmlxscheduler_pdf.js from latest scheduler2pdf package instead of one, which is bundled in dhtmlxscheduler 2.3 package.

using the last version you get:
Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
already fixed by

Try to use the attached files instead of the original ones. (12.5 KB)

hi Stanislav,
I get the same wrong rendering

In the file included you can see the timeline

It’s a scheduled activity list of a group of people.
I’m wondering, also, if it’s possible getting a different color for each different activity on the PDF.

Can you enable the debug mode and provide the debug xml file ?

Also, be sure to use
scheduler.toPDF(url, “fullcolor”);
if you want to have the same colors in pdf output , as on original html page.

ok for the pdf color! thankyou

xml file debug attached (1.75 KB)