no scrolling after update/new event

After i update a event, or make a new event… i have to scroll down to get to the right time (where i placed the event) again… (i have a long hour scale)…

how can i fix this?

Currently, component doesn’t provide API to scroll view, but you can do it directly on HTML level as

scheduler._els["dhx_cal_data"][0].scrollTop = time_in_hours * scheduler.config.hour_size_px;

no i mean i have to use the mouse wheel to move to the place…

Scheduler’s view will not change their scroll state on its own, unless you have scheduler.config.scroll_hour setting which may be applied to the view after actions.

So if you just change something in event or add a new event - view must not change the scroll state.

im not using that… im using this part tho:


might that cause it?

Yes, it will cause it for sure.

change your code as

var temp=scheduler._els["dhx_cal_data"][0].scrollTop; scheduler.clearAll(); scheduler.load("events.php?uid="+scheduler.uid(), function(){ scheduler._els["dhx_cal_data"][0].scrollTop = temp; });

but now he doesnt reload the events.php file?
how can i make it work that it reloads, and stays on the same place on the page?

Proposed modification just adds 2 lines of code:
first - save scroll position before reloading,
second - restore position after reloading

It must not prevent data reloading.