No setDate on calendar initialisation


I am using DHTMLXCalendar for an online booking system and apprecaited it very much.

First, I would like to thank you for your work !

I have a question, however…

I would like that the current date don’t display as ‘selected’ on calendar initialisation.

I’ve tried to edit the js file but my knowledge of javascript is not suficient.

Is there a way to do that ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


there isn’t public method to do that. But you can try to use the following workaround:

dhxCalendar.selDate[0] = new Date(1000,0,0); //any date in the past/future

Where dhxCalendar is calendar object

I’m sorry but this somution does not work.

Any other suggestion ?

Locally this approach works. The sample is attached (38 KB)

OK, I see. It’s because I use the 1.1 version of DHTMLXCalendar.

The solution you gave to me does not work with this version. And when I upgrade with the new one, I have errors with the getFormatedDate function…

What can I do so ?

Locally this methods works. Please check the sample in the calendar package dhtmlxCalendar/samples/02_date_formating/01_calendar_date_format.html