NO Show tooltip in Timeline

How can I disable showing the tooltip in the Timeline view?

I have added the tooltip extension,

Added handler to the onBeforeTooltip that returns false
scheduler.attachEvent(“onBeforeTooltip”, function (id) { return false;});

and the tooltip still shows up.
I do not need the tooltip to show.

It works.

scheduler.attachEvent(“onBeforeTooltip”, function (id){
if (scheduler.getState().mode == “timeline”) return false;
return true;

Which scheduler version do you use?

the product I’m using is:
dhtmlxScheduler v.4.3.0 Professional

see attached file showing the ‘tooltip’ (green rectangle) I need to remove.

is not triggering the onBeforeTooltip event. I put an alert window on the function and is not showing the alert window.

If you use this sample … slots.html


.dhx_year_tooltip{ display:none; }

And you can remove onBeforeTooltip event and

Thanks for your help.
That worked PERFECTLY

You are welcome!