No space between radiobutton and label


I have two radio buttons with position ‘label-right’. The problem is that there is no space between radio button and its label. Here’s json for form elements:

formData = [
{type:“label”, label:‘Si elige afiliación IMSS favor de ingresar el NSS y oprimir el boton Continuar.’},
{type:“radio”, label:’ IMSS’, name:‘rImss’, position:‘label-right’},
{type:“radio”, label:’ No afiliado’, name:‘rImss’, position:‘label-right’},

{type:“input”, label:‘CURP’, name:‘fCurp’, value: form.getInput(‘fCurp’).value, offsetLeft:15, maxLength:18, labelWidth:150},
{type:“input”, label:‘NSS’, name:‘fNss’, offsetLeft:15, maxLength:11, labelWidth:150},
{type:“button”, value:‘Submit’, offsetTop:15, offsetLeft:230}

What skin do you use?


I haven’t modified the default skin.

It is dhx_web.


Locally it works correctly
Could you provide us completed demo to inspect your issue locally? … pport.html