Node items editable

Is it possible to insert in the same node of the tree two items? I need once editable and other not editable.
I made my tree with javascript array like code below,and I would like to have only the letter A editable and not the entire item,so I thought to divide the item in two item, once editable and other not but I don’t know if is it possible:

    treeArray.push([10,father, A + " " + "=(" +  x +" " + y +" "+ z +")"]);

You can try the next sample (ID part of node is not editable there)

tree=new dhtmlXTreeObject("treeboxbox_tree","100%","100%",0); tree.setImagePath("../dhtmlxSuite_v413_pro/codebase/imgs/dhxtree_skyblue/"); tree.enableSmartXMLParsing(true); tree.enableDragAndDrop(true); tree.setDragBehavior('complex'); tree.enableKeyboardNavigation(true); tree.enableItemEditor(true); tree.loadXML("../___xml/tree_ID.xml", myFunc); function myFunc(){ tree.openAllItems("a10000"); //debugger; arr = tree.getAllSubItems(0); www = arr.split(","); for (var i = 0; i < www.length; i++){ idd = tree.getItemText(www[i]); tree.setItemText(www[i], idd + " (" + www[i] + ")"); } } tree.attachEvent("onEdit", function(state,id,tree,value){ if (state == 0){ val = tree.getItemText(id); value = val.replace(/\s\(\w+\)$/, ""); return value } if (state == 2){ ID = tree.getUserData(id,"id"); newval = value + ID; return newval }

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <tree id="0" radio="1"> <item text="Item's text" id="a10000"> <userdata name="id"> (a10000)</userdata> <item text="Item's text" id="a10010"> <userdata name="id"> (a10010)</userdata> <item text="Item's text" id="a10011"> <userdata name="id"> (a10011)</userdata> </item> <item text="Item's text" open="1" id="a10012"> <userdata name="id"> (a10012)</userdata> <item text="Item's text" id="a100121"> <userdata name="id"> (a100121)</userdata> </item> <item text="Item's text" id="a100122"> <userdata name="id"> (a100122)</userdata> </item> <item text="Item's text" id="a100123"> <userdata name="id"> (a100123)</userdata> </item> <item text="Item's text" id="a100124"> <userdata name="id"> (a100124)</userdata> </item> <item text="Item's text" id="a100125"> <userdata name="id"> (a100125)</userdata> </item> </item> <item text="Item's text" id="a10013"> <userdata name="id"> (a10013)</userdata> </item> <item text="Item's text" id="a10014"> <userdata name="id"> (a10014)</userdata> </item> </item> <item text="Item's text" id="a10020"> <userdata name="id"> (a10020)</userdata> </item> </item> </tree>

If I want to use an array javascript instead of xml?

Anyway you want. You just need to use add to tree nodes

Something like this treeArray.push([10,father, userdata,A + " " + “=(” + x +" " + y +" “+ z +”)"]) ?

Unfortunatelly not this way. You can try to use json or xml structure, because you can use there userdata