node.js connector

Node.js is growing in use. It would be nice to have a Node.js connector.


While we don’t have connector’s, you can check the next articles.

NodeJS is quite flexible, so dhtmlx component can be used without connectors.

Yes I have gone through the articles and they are a great start. But the blog articles only show how to enable simple CRUD operations. You know your framework is capable of so much more than that. The more complex server side functions that are explained in PHP that I don’t have a clue how to translate into JS.
For example, yesterday I was testing your Scheduler with Node, MongoDB and Express. Everything was going great until I wanted to add the Recurring event extension and but hit a dead end with the server side code explained in PHP. I’m sure it would be pretty exciting for the Node community if you had connectors for it.

Here is the scheduler in live update mode with Meteor js … ive-Update