Non editable tree grid get changed/added rows

How can I find the added rows to a tree grid (since the grid was loaded)? I am trying to use getChangedRows(true) but it isn’t working - is this only supposed to work for editable grids? If so, how can I find the added rows to a tree grid that is not editable (the rows were added using drag and drop from another grid)?


If you are using grid 2.5 try to use

var ids = grid.getChangedRows(true);

Normally the command returns list of rows which was edited by user, “true” as parameter will force reporting about added rows as well.

I am using version 2.1.  How would I do it using this version?  I have already tried getChangedRows(true) (see first post) but it isn’t working.

If your version is old and doesn’t support such functionality you can try to add id manually as

var added = [];
if (sgrid!=tgrid) added.push(nid);

as result , “added” will contains array of all IDs which was dragged in the target grid.