Non-latin character issue

I am using the dhtmlScheduler and although it supports non-latin characters when using it with the the dhtmlConnector I have a problem all data saved is not retrievable in it original format it cones out something like “hj?dhg??hjg???”. I am using coldfusion and MSSQL.

Are you using utf-8 or some specific encoding?
Be sure that all elements ( including html page and database ) are using the same encoding.
The only thing which can be configured in connectors - encoding flag of response

<cfset conn.set_encoding("iso-8859-1")> … r_object&s[]=set_encoding

The issue is I am able to save non-latin in the db using coldfusion in my application but when using the connector the data stored in the db is incorrect before I can even pull it out again. In coldfusion when using the <cfqueryparam tag or inserting data using the N’data goes here’ method the data is inserted correctly but this is not the case with the connector

On the same note anything that is already saved in the DB, using and alternative method shows up correctly in the calendar until it is saved(updated) and then it is messed up again.

Are you using utf-8 or some specific encoding?
In case of non-utf, you can try to alter client side code ( dataprocessor initialization ) as


Where would I add this in the CF Connector and what line of code would i use.

Not in connectors, this is part of client side initialization. You have some component on client side, right? And you must have code like

var dp = new dataProcessor(“”);

to init the data saving.

This doesn’t seem to help i added the code with the setting set both to true and false. When set to true it works the same as before when set to false it comes up with a blank js alert and nothing is saved to the DB.