Not able to refresh the dtmlxtree

I am new to the dhtmlxtree,
I need to load the data on dhmlxtree from database.I have written a method which will retrun data in dataset not in xml.
There will be two dhmlxtree in a page. if user drag and dropped one data from right side tree to left side tree it should get add to the database base and newly inserted data has to get populate on left side.

I am able to insert the data into the database while drag and drop and but not able to refresh the leftside tree.
I am not using xml. I do want to use server side script or url to load data on left side tree without refreshing the page.

While loading the data on a tree i am getting the following error.

Window 1 say: Error Type:loadXML Description:Incorrect XML
window 2 say: Error Type:DataStructure Description:XML refers to not existing parent

By which method i can achieve this task. I have read the documents which provided by the dhx.It all refrencing to use the xml.We are not using xml.If anyone can provide a sample code that would be very greatful

Please help me on this to get it resolved



data can be loaded into a tree from xml or json. You may generate the xml or json using any server-side script (please see samples in the tree package - there are some samples where xml is generated using php). Moreover there are server-side connectors that allows to load and save data easily: … ndex.shtml

While loading the data on a tree i am getting the following error.

Please have a look at the article: … orrect_xml