not able to retrieve lightbox_id in dynamic link

This might explain my issue

I have a ‘save no close’ button that generates my event id that I want to use as a link

The button works and the new_id is created which I assign to the lightbox_id

My form_blocks link has javascript but it doesn’t pickup the select_id???

scheduler.getState().lightbox_id works in the onLightboxButton event (L.465)

but not in a javascript link in the form_blocks section (L.522)

(I’ve tried using the select_id and even localstorage with no success either)

I must not be understanding something.



Data in form is not updated after event saving.
You need to call something like

scheduler.endLightbox(); scheduler.showLightbox(id);

to force the lightbox repainting with new data.

I’m doing that on line 450?


If you have not changed data saving logic, it will work in async mode.
So in the above case, after clicking on button

  • lightbox closed
  • new data send to server
  • lightbox repopened ( with old data )
    … async. delay …
  • response retrieved from the server side
  • id changed

You need to modify data saving to be sync, or duplicate reopening logic in the onEventIdChange handler.

I’m still not sure but will keep trying


All I need to do is access the _lightbox_id

alert(_lightbox_id) ???

I see it in firebug in the DOM, why can’t I get the value?

I think the solution is easier than I think…

I want to use that value with Javascript to call a url window.location(‘blah/’ + <<<????>>>)


I found it!!!

var foo = scheduler.getState();
var bar = $(foo).attr(‘lightbox_id’);

The only way I could get the ID



Seems it works sometimes. Put a five second delay in but still nothing. Maybe the delay needs to be put somewhere else?


This probably illustrates my point.

I have to click the ‘Save2’ button a 2nd time to get the real id

I put a delay in at line 511 but to no avail.

even though the schedule._lightbox_id is set correctly, and I can’t get it?



My ‘save no exit’ button in the lightbox works…

I figured it out!!!

You have to dynamically pull the id rather than getting the id in the form_blocks.


// further down

scheduler.form_blocks[“link_editor”] = {
render:function(sns) {
var id = scheduler.getState().select_id;
var readonly = (id === null) ? 0 : this.getEvent(id).readonly;

  var $links = '<a onclick="show_new_id()">show id</a>';                    

return $links;