Not an XML, probably incorrect content type specified ( must


I am running my application in Internet Explorer and the application works fine.

But, when I am running the same application in Mozilla or Chrome, I find the problem as mentioned above.

I am using the loadURL functionality to populate the dhtmlxGrid.

Please tell me as how to proceed. It has been a long time that i am trying to fix this problem.

Till now, I have tried the following solution:

1) changed the lines in JSPs to the following

and similarly, when i am returning the xml, i am doing the enoding as UTF-8 Only.

2) I thought that the problem might be caused by the some escape character, so, i put only “0” for all the data.

Again the same scenario. It is coming in IE but it is not working in Mozilla or Chrome.

These things are not giving any problem as javascript error or something.

Only thing it does is that while reading, it just does not populate the XML grid.

Also, I have also seen the xml returned by the servlet. It is proper in documentation.

So, Please tell me as how to solve this issue.

If you want to access the application,

thanks and regards,


Please be sure that there is no any extra output before starting <?xml tag ( any new line or space will break xml processing in FF )
If issue still occurs - please provide a sample of problematic xml output ( you can attach it to the post, or send directly to )