not getting onClick event in custom eXcell

I have a custom grid cell with a button that doesn’t get the onClick event. I think perhaps an issue with particular versions of IE8? It works in other browsers and in most versions of IE. I’ve read IE can be difficult with events attached through HTML tags.

Is there another way I should be attaching the onClick=“dashboard.status.runManual(’ + row_id +’);” event for these cells?

function eXcell_runButton(cell) {
if (cell) {
this.cell = cell;
this.grid = this.cell.parentNode.grid;
this.edit = function() {} // no edits allowed, read only cell
this.setValue = function(value) {
if(value == 1) {
var htmlRunString = ‘’

    } else {
       var htmlRunString = '<input type="button" disabled="disabled" value="Run..." title="Run manually not allowed." style="height:20px">'

eXcell_runButton.prototype = new eXcell();

I use this object in the grid.setColTypes() initialization.

Please, try to use:

... if(value == 1) { var htmlRunString = '<input type="button" value="Run..." title="Run job manually" style="height:20px" onClick="foo()">' } ... function foo(){ dashboard.status.runManual('row_id'); }