Not getting the data to other page in dhtmlXComboFromSelect

I’m having a normal drop down list. I’m enabling filterering mode and make it into dhtmlcombo using dhtmlXComboFromSelect method. Filtering is working fine.
But I’m not the getting the data to the other page(db page) for storing, always it saying the field is empty and not allowing me to save. My code goes like this…

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

My script goes like this,

I’m getting the value through,
var v = start_month.getSelectedvalue();

This “v” gives the correct value also.

And i’m setting this value to combo as,

But somewhere i’m going wrong, I’m not getting the value in the DB page.
How to set the value?
Do i need add any extra code?
I know, I cannot access the select drop down “p_start_month” in the script.

So that i’m writing a code like this,

But still “p_start_month” drop down list always shows empty value.

I’m using the latest version.
Help me.
Thanks in advance,

Try using setComboValue method to set selected month:


Combo creates hidden field (not DOMelem_input) with name “p_start_month” and this field is submitted. So, use combo API in this case values will be correctly set.

Thanks for the suggestion. Its working fine.

With Regards,