Not "Like" filter on grid

I’m using a grid with header filters:


I’m looking into clients numbers, and when I try to found the client number 3, the text filter show me the 3,13,23,31,33 etc etc etc, it’s possible to filter without using the “like” mode, just literal?

Thanks in advance

You can redefine logic of filter on server side … :filtering

function custom_filter($filter_by){ //change WHERE some_field LIKE '%value%' to the WHERE some_field > 'value' $index = $filter_by->index("some_field"); if ($index!==false) //there is client side input for the filter $filter_by->rules[$index]["operation"]= " = "; } $conn->event->attach("beforeFilter","custom_filter");

Is it possible to do the same thing using .NET connector?
Cant’ find the solution…

for .net connectors you should use BeforeSelect event

[code]public override IdhtmlxConnector CreateConnector(HttpContext context)

connector.BeforeSelect += new EventHandler(connector_BeforeSelect);


void connector_BeforeSelect(object sender, EventArgs e)
var request = (sender as dhtmlxGridConnector).Request;
var rule = request.Rules.SingleOrDefault(
r => (r is FieldRule) && ((r as FieldRule).Field == (TableField)“some_field”))//finding needed rule by field name
as FieldRule;

   if (rule != null)
       rule.Operator = Operator.Equals;
       string value = (string)rule.Value;
       rule.Value = value.Substring(1, value.Length - 2);//from "%123%" to "123"