Not Responding Stop Running Script - dhtmlxcombo


I am using four dhtmlxcombo on my page, loaded from xml, the xmls are retrieved on server side Page-load event. I am not having any issues loading the data, but on the first time load, I am not able to perform any operation on the page for few seconds and getting ‘localhost not responding due to long running script’. I even tried downloading the ‘dhtmlxCombo_v45_std’ version code base files.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Could you provide us a direct link or completed demo to reproduce and inspect the issue locally?

Hi Darya,

Unable to provide direct access to the link.
Data retrieval for the xml files are done in the C# codebehind. I have created sample html with these four combo and attached the xml files required as source for the combo.
Let me know if you need more info.

Jose (80.4 KB)


Option.xml contain 4,334 options - that’s why your browser does not responde you, also this is only one combo from page. For cases when combo should render many options you have to use server-side filtering and (optionaly) auto subload.

Simple server-side filtering: … erver.html

With subload: … bload.html

Hi Andrei,

I am unable to access both links getting 403 forbidden error.


Hi josediv
You can find these demos locally
Or manually clicking the same paths reading sample titles