Not updating changes when connection fluctuates


I’ve run into a problem where some users have internet connection that drops in and out, if they have no internet connection when making a change the events text will go bold but obviously won’t save. When they get internet connection back however I need the changes to be pushed across to the database, at the moment it seems to forget that any offline changes were made, and if you update anything when you have internet connection back it will save that change and not push across any of the offline changes (thereby reverting them to their previous states).

I was wondering how I might go about fixing this? Maybe some kind of javascript check before attempting to push the data across? I know the dataprocessor can already store up multiple events to be pushed across at once, so I guess just enhancing that to check for internet connection as well with an alert/warning for no internet connection.


You can use

dp._in_progress = []; dp.sendData();

Which will send all not saved data (including the records which was sent previously, but not saved ) back to server side.

Thanks alot, that solved the problem.