Not work options = function (date) {
this code now work for me in units view. I want always interval start from start of week

Hello @sergii.khilchuk13,

As I understand from question, your requirement is to force the Unit view always start from Monday and something goes wrong in your case, am I right?

If so, it’s hard to suppose what exactly goes wrong in your case, as the issue isn’t reproduces on my end, with the following config:

    property:"unit_id", //the mapped data property
    list:[              //defines the units of the view
        {key:1, label:"Section A"},
        {key:3, label:"Section C"}  
    days: 7
}); = function (date) {

Here is a demo:

As you can see, the view always starts from the monday, regardless of the date passed to the scheduler.init method.

The issue could be connected with the incorrect name in the unit_start as the first part should be the same, that you used as the name of the createUnitsView config, so you can check this point.

If the issue still exists, could you please reproduce it in the demo above(open the demo => reproduce the issue => click “Save” button => send me the new link).

Kind regards,

Hello, thank you for your feedback. I get problem then I use = function (date) {
return; and scheduler.config.mark_now=true;
This problem is only in week with today but on other weeks all it is ok.

I always get error. And I solved that set value false for scheduler.config.mark_now=false and created custom red line in addTimeSpan() function it worked nice for me.

My custom solution
scheduler.config.mark_now = false;
days: [],
zones: [ * 60 +],
css: “custom_now”,

Hello @sergii.khilchuk13,

This issue looks quite similar to the existed issue with unit view + limit plugin, that was fixed in the 7.0.1 version.

If the issue still exists, could you please reproduce it in the snippet below:

(open the snippet => reproduce the issue => click the “Save” button => post here the new link)?

Kind regards,