Not work /samples/applications/calendar/


Conservation does not work, delete and edit any data, rather they are edited, but after a reboot everything as before. Connected component dhtmlhtsonnektor. The data is loaded, but not edited. What is it?

Sample doesn’t include saving ability. To enable it - change init code as

dhx.ui.fullScreen(); dhx.ui({ view: "scheduler", id: "scheduler", save:"connector.php" //added - link to saving connector here });

Thank you for help, but there is another problem in the database field instead of the dates goes: 7-12-2011 14:00:58, this value: Tue Jul 12 2011 14:00:58

Exemple XML






In applications\scheduler\js\scheduler.js , locate

if(!this.config.readonly&& new dhx.DataProcessor({ master:this, });

and replace with

if({ var dp = new dhx.DataProcessor({ master:this, }); dp.attachEvent("onBeforeDataSend",function(data){ var obj = data[0].data = dhx.copy(data[0].data); obj.start_date = dhx.i18n.fullDateFormatStr(obj.start_date); obj.end_date = dhx.i18n.fullDateFormatStr(obj.end_date); }); }

By the way, the fully functional mobile scheduler app will be included in oncoming release of dhtmlxscheduler 3.0

Thanks, it worked out! Really good support.