Not working in IE8 and Firefox


My configuration is as follows:
Windows 7 WAMP installation
Joomla 1.5.20 with a custom template
Apache 2.2.14
PHP 5.3.1
MySQL 5.1.41
Internet Explorer 8 (also tested with Internet Explorer 6)
Firefox 3.6.10

I’ve made a site and installed and configured the Scheduler. All worked fine in Firefox. When checking in IE8, it shows me the default view (Month) but it’s totally wrong.

So I switched to the default Joomla template, only to see the same faulty view.
Eventually I uninstalled and installed the Scheduler again using the Joomla backend.
IE8 still won’t display the Scheduler correctly and I’ve introduced myself a new error. In Firefox, the buttons to go back and forth in the month view seem to have stopped working.

I can customize and use the Scheduler in the backend. Also, when I stop the loading of the calendar in Internet Explorer quick enough, it shows a perfect layout with all events?! I noticed that it changes the layout after having loaded the “Powered by dhtmlxScheduler” text at the bottom of the calendar. I don’t see any JavaScript errors.
The reason why the buttons in Firefox don’t work anymore is also a mystery. They’ve worked until I reinstalled the component because of the problem in Internet Explorer.
Can somebody help me because I’m out of ideas at the moment…

As for css conflict, check the templates which you are using - if there is a “title” attribute on the “link” tag, of one of theme’s css includes - it can force browser to ignore css styles of scheduler, which will product above situation. ( we will update code of plugin, to avoid such situation, as quick solution you can delete title attribute from the link tag )

As for next|prev buttons - if issue still occurs - please pm me a link to demo page where it can be checked.

This one got fixed. I used the “Component as Content”-plugin ( … clude/5947) which caused this strange behaviour.
By removing this plugin and just putting the Scheduler in the menu my problem went away.