Npm gantt 6.2.0 seem to be corrupted


I am unable to download dhtmlx-gantt through npm for 6.2.0. But I can do so for 6.1.7

Any issue with that? I tried on different machine and both are giving me the same error.


Hello Joseph,
I couldn’t reproduce the issue with the 6.2 version.
Probably, you need to let the antivirus program to check that there are no viruses in the new Gantt version.
The error message shows that the package manager doesn’t have enough permissions to read the file, so if you disable the antivirus program and the issue remains, you need to enable read-write permissions for the specified files and folders (all files and folders inside the node_modules folder).

Hi @ramil,

I suspect it could be company network/policy issue. I am able to download it from home as well.

Apologies for that.