NullPointerException exporting to Excel on Websphere

I don’t know what the difference could be, but when our application is deployed on Websphere we are having issues parsing the XML coming from the grid during an export to Excel.

Specifically, in ExcelColumn’s parse() method, the following line takes an exception when parsing a grid containing a spanned column:

   colName = parent.getChildNodes().item(0).getNodeValue();

If I code around this (add tests for null, default colName to “”), then it makes it past this point, but then takes another NullPointerException in ExcelRow’s parse() method at this line:

	cells[i] = (String) nodes.item(i).getChildNodes().item(0).getNodeValue();

The same grid can be exported on Tomcat without issue. Perhaps Websphere has a different set of libraries for parsing XML, I don’t know… any ideas for a fix or workaround?

Unfortunately we doesn’t support Websphere.
Instead of this one you could use Online service export: