Number format modifies input value, not only its display

Hi all,

when a ‘edn’ cell with a number format is displayed, the value displayed can be rounded. For example, if we load data value 7.8896 into a column which format is “$00.00”, the displayed value will be : $7.89, which is fine.

However, if I serialize the grid, I get that value of 7.89, which is not what I would expect :

  • if you just load data and save it immediately without any modification, you expect no modification, not even roundings ; same if you edit the value with more digits than displayed (the format is there mainly for aesthetic reasons, right ?)
  • the “$” is not serialized, which is good, but gives an idea of the implementation, that probably kind of filters cell content ; would not it be better to have the real value stored separately and the displayed value derived from it (at data loading and cell editing time), the real value always being the one serialized ?

What do you think ?
Thanks in advance for you feedback.

This issue confirmed. We’ll provide fix or workaround in 1 week.

Thanks very much for the quick reply, please keep me informed so that I can tell you if it is OK.

Please try to use attached js file instead of original one
( the same fix will be added to the next version of dhtmlxgrid ) (8.24 KB)


this fixes the issue for me, thanks very much.