number of rows per page?

If a user selected x number of rows to show in a page from the paging footer ( ie 20 rows per page)

  1. is there event which can enable to me to get this user preference (to save in backend session)
  2. Next time when user comes to this grid, set the number of rows in page to show ( ie. show him number of rows he selected initially by setting it from values in session.)

You can use following code:

toolbar.attachEvent(“onClick”, function(id){
//your code here

ids of options at per page select box will be “perpagenum_5”,“perpagenum_10”…

To set number of rows per page you can use enablePaging() method:

I finally found out how to change the page select quantities from “5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30” to what I needed.

All I needed to do was call “setPagingWTMode(true,true,true,[30,60,90,120])” before “enablePaging()” and the toolbar had my values in it.

I’m using the toolbar paging skin “setPagingSkin(‘toolbar’,‘dhx_skyblue’)”] so this might not work if a different skin is used.