numberformatting (decimalsign and thousand separater by xml)


I’m having problems setting a number format on a grid which is configured in xml.
it’s a grid where a number of suppliers have x columns, the number of suppliers varies, so that’s why the configuration of the grid is completely done in xml.

I want a point as a thousand separator and a comma as the decimal sign.
(windows regional settings are set to belgian so a comma is used as default for the decimal sign)

I’ve tried the following (only the configurationline for column 7 is included):



7 , . ... column width=""70"" type=""ron"" align=""right"" sort=""int"">#cspan [/i]

could you tell me what I’m doing wrong? A value in that column just displays as 1234,56 and it should display 1.234,56. Ideally it should become 1.234,56 €.

Please check if 7th column (column with index 7) has “edn” or “ron” type.

The column is “ron” as you can see in my post, I included the line for the 7th column (I left out the other lines out in the post). I’ve also tried “edn” and even “price” but non would do the trick.