#numeric_filter has broken ">=" filtering mode, fix included

I found this while working with data_filter implementation in current v.2.0 build 81107:

In file: ext/dhtmlxgrid_filter.js,

in function: dhtmlXGridObject.prototype._in_header_numeric_filter = function(t, i)

we have regex match:

r = v.match(/>|>=|<=|</)

            if ® {

                op = r[0];

                num = parseFloat(v.replace(op, “”))


It works that way: find operator, and remove it from value, but when operator is “>=” the first match is correct (">" includes in “>=”) and v.replace(op,"") will remove ONLY “>” char instead whole “>=” operator.

Because of this filtering “>=” will fall.

The fix is simple:

r = v.match(/>=|<=|>|</)

And it works, because “>=” not includes in “>” :slight_smile:

You are correct.
Fix will be added in main codebase and released as part of next build.
Thanks for your remark.