Object name for tree

Hello all,

I am having a problem with dhtmlcTree and dataProcessor.

A. If I instantiate tree object as follows:

tree01=new dhtmlXTreeObject(“idTree01”,“100%”,“100%”,0);

B. and use a data processor as follows:

var dptree01 = new dataProcessor(“/some_script.php”);

dptree01.setUpdateMode(“on”); // or off


C. then call dptree01.sendData();

I get JS error “tree is not defined” on line 144 of dhtmlxtree.js.

D. If I rename the object from tree01 to tree (like in samples), error goes away.

Since I have multiple trees on this page, they cannot all be called “tree”. How do I correct this behaviour?

Thanks for any and all help.


We have sent you the fixed tree version by email. It must fix the problem.

I am also getting the same error on tree._globalIdStorageFind line, i think this line is the part of “DHTMLX.Tree.dll”, can you please help me?

sorry i forgot to tell you that this error comes to me only when i add tree.enableMercyDrag(true);
If i comment this line then everything works fine.


what tree version do you use ? Probably it is not the latest one (2.6)…

If you use some old tree version, please send your dhtmlxtree.js library to support at @dhtmlx.com (you use PRO edition, therefore, this library can not be attached here)

I have send you mail on support@dhtmlx.com