Object Notation vs Multi-Argument for Layout

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Why do the following two blocks of code not produce similar results?

Code Block A:

	var dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject({
		parent: 'parentId',
		view: '4I'

Code Block B:

	var dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject( "parentId", "4I" );

The official documentation states that object notation should work as an argument passed to the dhtmlXLayoutObject. The documentation can be found here:
[url]Start DHTMLX Docs.

Code Block B is actually used as an official code sample and can be found here:

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apologise for this mistake in the documentation. There must be “pattern” property instead of “view”:

var dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject({ parent: 'parentId', pattern: '4I' });

Here is the related sample dhtmlxLayout/samples/01_init/05_api_simple.html

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