"Object required" error message re: dhtmlxcombo.js

I’m seeing an “Object required” error message when selecting reports in IE7 and IE8. I don’t see this issue on other non-IE browsers. The error is referencing the dhtmlxcombo.js file and the code in question is pasted below:

dhtmlXCombo.prototype._createSelf = function (selParent, name, width, tab) {

if (width.toString().indexOf("%") != -1) {

var self = this;

--> var resWidht = parseInt(width) / 100;

window.setInterval(function () {

var ts = selParent.parentNode.offsetWidth * resWidht - 2;

if (ts == self._lastTs) return;

self.setSize(self._lastTs = ts)



Is there a code workaround I can use to prevent the “Object required” error from appearing?



Please, provide a sample that allows to create the issue.