Odd problem: Existing events disappear as I add new ones

Hi guys!

I’m all new to DhxScheduler. I’ve implemented a MVC backend and it seems to work just fine. Today I added the Units extension which also works fine, except for one thing: If I add multiple events in the same view events start disappearing as I add more events.

For instance i add Event 1 and Event 2. So far no problem. Now I add Event 3 and the moment it appears on screen Event 1 disappears. I add Event 4 and then Event 2 disappears, and so on…

I first thought I had some problem with the server side code but If I refresh the page (which reloads event data from backend) all events are there (including the ones that previously disappeared)! Which leads me to believe the problem is on the client? Any idea where to start??

Kind regards

Be sure that all events have unique IDs
If two events have the same ID - scheduler will try to update the existing event with new data, instead of creating the new event.

Thanks! You’re absolutely right. The backend did send the wrong ID back to the client. I should have realized that myself :unamused: