On export of a project, Lag time is not exported


When I use the export feature with tasks and links that have lag time, this value is not observed when double clicking the link in MS Project. The task’s dates are correct and the data appears to export correctly, it is just not showing a lag time when double clicking the link. Am I missing a property or something on export to get this value into MS Project?

Hello Brandon,
Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce the issue. If you set the lag parameter to the link object, it should work correctly:


Unfortunately this does not resolve my problem. I have the lag value set on the link just as you do. I am not using the export service, but a local instance of the export service. Is there potential that there has been an update to fix this issue recently (within last 4 months or so) or other changes to the product?

Thanks again,

Hello Brandon,
Thank you for the clarification. Yes, the export module didn’t have that feature and the dev team added it last year in January.
You can contact the support team and ask for an updated version of the MSP export module. You can do that according to the instructions in the email with the license.