On Grid Cell Edit & is replacing to &

we are using dhtmlxgrid professional 2.1 version . In our grid we kept editing option.
So my problem is when there is a value in grid like & , < or > then grid textbox will replace them to & &lt: and > respectively. Please give some solution for this.

For ex;

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … ndex.shtml go to this link

on edit of one row like take name Stephen King and change to Stephen & King.
Again if go to edit , it will display while editing Stephen & King.

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Try to use edtxt excell type

As per your comment i had used edtxt excell type. but if i load xml data to the grid then the content e.g &lt: or &gt; is not replacing to < or > symbol respectively. but if i changed excell type from edtxt to ed then < or > will come properly. but again if i make editable then my First Issue will arise which i had reported. Suggest me some solution.
Advance best wishes for your support.

Thanking you.