On mouseclick in IE dhtmlx spreadsheet returns to top

This behaviour is only occuring in IE, unfortunately most of the users are using IE.
If you scroll down the spreadsheet then click on a cell to edit it, the browser scrolls back to the top of the spreadsheet.
Using spreadsheet V2.0 this also occurred in V1.0.
Works perfectly fine on other browsers.

Cheers Shaun

could you provide link to page with your spreadsheet?
It works correctly at local machine.

Hi I sent you a PM with the link, do you get the same problem?

thanks Shaun

Still having problems any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks Shaun

sorry for the delay.
Problem is confirmed. To fix it please open file dhtmlxspreadsheet.js and edit it like here:

	hideMath: function() {
		this.settings.parent.math.style.display = 'none';
		this.math.objPull[this.math.idPrefix + 'math'].obj.childNodes[0].blur();
//		this.grid.entBox.focus();

Fix will be included in the next version.