On off event from mysql

Hi all,

I have successfully load all my events from mysql DB,
however I just realized whenever I click on Today button and move the scheduler to the next or previous month, the event is not showing. But when I re click on the next and back button those event will finally show-up. (Meaning it wont show up on the first click).

Please advise why this happen.
I have set cache to true


Which version of scheduler you are using?

You can try to alter the loading command in the next way

scheduler.load(url, function(){

It will force rendering after data loading ( it is not necessary in the normal case )

Thank you very much for your advise

I’ve changed the command for loading event but it still wont work
then since u ask about the version I’m using
I just downloaded the latest version and reconfigure everything
now the calendar works like charm!

thanks again