On popup page component problems

I build some pages with dhtmlx, there were few problems i couldn’t handle.

  1. Button components are working on web and ios device. But Android, if i click the button and it automatically worked like “double clicking”. Just i found the way is touch the button for one second. However, on iOS devices went on perfectly, didn’t need to hold on the button in screen.
    I want to know why it happens, and what i can do for handle it.

  2. i made a page, and put some menu button in footer. If i click the menu, menu details popup will show up. On that page, two input boxes are there. But only one input box possible to insert number and then other input box automatically filled with specific text for user’s convenience.
    But it didn’t work. I debugged and noticed the number value which i put on first input box, didn’t send it. So second input box couldn’t be filled with text which is related to number value.
    I guess number value couldn’t get as object. Even there are no grammar or logic error. Actually I made it some part with JQuery Mobile, this kind of situation come up for combining dhtmlx with JQM? I really curious to way to solve it.

I’m beginner level on programming, so i will be glad to get solutions with details step by step.
Thanks !

Please, provide us demos with description how to reproduce these issues locally on support [a] dhtmlx.com.
docs.dhtmlx.com/auxiliary_docs__ … pport.html
About JQM: we support dhtmlx only, so unfortunately we can’t help you in your issue with another library - jQuery Mobile.