on tab press


After loading the grid & den clicking on a cell ,wen i press tab focus shifts to next cell of same row i.e.(horizontal behaviour) & so on,

i want change it ,i.e. wen i press tab focus should shifts to " same cell index of next row " (vertical behaviour) & so on until it reaches to the last row & after that focus should shifts to " next cell index of first row "

==================Bottom Line=======================

In short default behaviour is     “first complete row”

Required behaviour is            “first complete cell”

To customize tabbing in grid you can use “onTab” event. This event occurs during tabulation in grid.
grid.attachEvent(“onTab”, function(mode){
//any custom logic here

mode - {bool} direction of tabulation ( true for straight tab, false for backward tab ).
The event can be used to implement custom tab order. Code can select any other cell in grid and return false to prevent default logic.