"onAfterSchedulerResize" not triggered after resize in grid

When the window is resized in grid mode the “onSchedulerResize” is always triggered. Therefore, when the resize has been completed, the “onAfterSchedulerResize” is never triggered. I need this event to be sure that html elements has been completely rendered into DOM and attach some events on them. Thank you in advance for your help!

Is there any event available to be triggered when everything in the grid has been completely rendered after loading data or after resizing window or whatever else ?

So are you talking about Scheduler or Grid?
Scheduler 3.5 has “onAfterSchedulerResize” event handler which would be called after “onSchedulerResize” when resize is actually done.

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I am talking about the scheduler when using the grid_view plugin.

For an unknown reason, in the file dhtmlscheduler_debug.js line #1984

if (scheduler.callEvent(“onSchedulerResize”, [])) {
scheduler.callEvent(“onAfterSchedulerResize”, []);
The if never returns true so the “onAfterSchedulerResize” event is never triggered… And this only happens with the grid_view plugin. In week / month / day mode, there is no problem at all.

Please try to use the updated extension instead of the original one
dhtmlxscheduler_grid_view.zip (3.87 KB)


Grid was updated in the latest 3.5 version.
Now event should be called correctly.

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It works very well ! Thanks for your quick fix!!