onAfterSort event is not firing

I have enabled sorting in gantt and it is behaving as expected but the onAfterSort event is not fired when the user clicks on a column in the grid.

Hello Nikolai,
Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce it:

Please reproduce it in the snippet or give me more details on how to reproduce the issue.

In the snippet you provided it works with version 6.0. When i uncommented the “old” version it is not working any more. Could you please test it again?

Hello Nikolai,
It is true, the event doesn’t fire in the 5.2.0 version, but it works correctly in the 5.2.3 version.

To download the license you need to open the client’s area:
After you log in, follow these steps:

  1. Open “Licenses” tab;
  2. Find the active license;
  3. Click on the “Download” link.

10x ramil but when i go to licences tab i don’t see 5.2.3 version but simply 5.2.0.
May i have some assistance?

Hello Nikolai,
I sent you the link for the 5.2.4 trial version in the PM.

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