onBeforeDrag text visual representation

From the docs.


Returns:true - confirm drag; false - deny drag;

—> any other text value - value will be used as visual representation of dragged row

function onBeforeDrag_grid(rowId)


return “foo”;



If I try it doesn’t display foo. It always displays the first column value of the selected row.

Problem confirmed and fixed - please use attached patch ( just add it after standard js files ) to restore functionality.
patch.zip (1.37 KB)

The patch doesn’t seam to work.
Please see the attached sample. The grid dragging should display FOO.

samples.zip (3.53 KB)

Sorry for inconvenience, the previously provided patch really doesn’t solve problem fully.
Please use updated one , attached to the post.

patch_hint_dragndrop.zip (1.4 KB)