Hi All,

Can this event be used to redefine the value of the tooltip for the current event that the mouse pointer is on …



If you want to redefine the value of the tooltip for the current event using “onBeforeTooltip” I would not recommend this.

This event fires before a tooltip is displayed (only with the extension “tooltip” enabled) and allows you to hide the tooltip by returning false from the handler.

You should use “scheduler.templates.tooltip_text” that specifies the text of tooltips https://docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__scheduler_tooltip_text_template.html

For example,

If the method above isn’t good enough for your situation, it is possible to change the “tooltip_text” using “onBeforeTooltip” event.

Please, open the following demo https://jsfiddle.net/jt60vecf/1/
and try pointing a mouse to A-12 event, and then to any other - different templates are used for different events.

Hi Elena…

Thanks for your response… I will probably have to use the OnBeforeTooltip event as I do want to redefine the tooltip for the event before displaying.

The reason for this is that the client wants quite a bit of information to show on the tooltip so rather than loading everything at once I can set the tooltip when they hover over the event itself.