onClick isssue with timeline view

Dear experts,

I just started to use dhx library and faced the following issue. I built a scheduler with timeline view. [code]
function initSchedulerDiagram() {
scheduler.config.xml_date = “%d/%m/%Y”;
scheduler.locale.labels.timeline_tab = “Timeline”;
scheduler.locale.labels.section_custom = “Section”;
scheduler.config.details_on_create = true;
scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = false;
name: “tmeline”,
x_unit: “day”, //measuring unit of the X-Axis.
x_date: “%d/%m”, //date format of the X-Axis
x_step: 1, //X-Axis step in 'x_unit’s
x_size: 21, //X-Axis length specified as the total number of 'x_step’s
x_start: 1, //X-Axis offset in 'x_unit’s
x_length: 14, //number of 'x_step’s that will be scrolled at a time
y_unit: //sections of the view (titles of Y-Axis)
[{ key: 1, label: “PC_SMP2” },
{ key: 2, label: “PC_HR1549” },
{ key: 3, label: “PC_HR2250” },
{ key: 4, label: “PC_HAP1” },
{ key: 5, label: “PC_HAP2” },
{ key: 6, label: “PC_CRM1” },
{ key: 7, label: “PC_CRM2” },
{ key: 8, label: “PC_CRM3” },
{ key: 9, label: “PC_CRM4” },
{ key: 10, label: “PC_CRM5” },
{ key: 11, label: “PC_CRM6” },
{ key: 12, label: “PC_CRM7” },
{ key: 13, label: “PC_CRM8” },
{ key: 14, label: “PC_CRM9” },
{ key: 15, label: “PC_CRM10” },
{ key: 16, label: “PC_CRM11” },
{ key: 17, label: “PC_CRM12” },
{ key: 18, label: “PC_MAP” },
{ key: 19, label: “PC_CAP1” },
{ key: 20, label: “PC_CAP2” },
{ key: 21, label: “PC_CAP3” },
{ key: 22, label: “PC_CAP4” },
{ key: 23, label: “PC_WBA” },
{ key: 24, label: “PC_NBA” },
{ key: 25, label: “PC_GRD1”}],
y_property: “section_id”, //mapped data property
render: “bar”, //view mode
second_scale: {
x_unit: “day”, // the measuring unit of the axis (by default, ‘minute’)
x_date: “%F” //the date format of the axis (“July 01”)
scheduler.init(‘scheduler_here’, new Date(2013, 7, 01), “timeline”);
scheduler.attachEvent(“onClick”, function (id, e) {
var obj = scheduler.getActionData(e);
$(document).ready(function () {
$("#jqxdockpanel").jqxDockPanel({ width: ‘100%’, height: 1000 });

var initWidgets = function (tab) {
    switch (tab) {
        case 0:
        case 1:
        case 2:


$(’#jqxTabs’).jqxTabs({ width: ‘100%’, height: ‘100%’, theme: ‘metrodark’, selectionTracker: true });


It works perfectly and renders a nice schedule in Chrome. But it looks I can not catch the onClick event and I seem it is not even triggered. What is wrong with my code. (The console output I can see using Google Chrome developer tools)

Thanks a lot for any ideas

onClick triggers only when you click on the event object (i.e. does not trigger when you click on empty space). Try also handling onEmptyClick event scheduler.attachEvent("onClick", function (id, e) { var obj = scheduler.getActionData(e); console.log(obj.date); }); scheduler.attachEvent("onEmptyClick", function (date, e) { var obj = scheduler.getActionData(e); console.log(obj.date); });

docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … event.html
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … event.html

Hi Alexandr,

Thank you for your fast reply. Unfortunately both functions don’t work for me. These functions are not simply triggered. There is no action. Even if I just put alert(“Hola”) in the body of the function, I see nothing. On the other hand all examples from your site with those functions work OK.

Please try to use the schedulre without jqx components on the page.

Code of scheduler looks fine, and it must work correctly. There is a small chance that jqx components somehow interfere with onclick event processing.

Yes, you are absolutely right. The same page without jqx works with events as it should be. Well it looks like jqx impacts somehow dhx event handling. It is a bit pity.
Anyway thank you very much for your help.

If you have some online demo where both components are used - please share a link ( you can send me a PM ). dhtmlxScheduler doesn’t relay on any global events, so it may be rather easy to fix the compatibility issue