Onclick of link open a javascript method from XML


iam using the DHTMLX grid which has a column type as link.What i want to do is to call a javascript method onclick of that column value,which in turn opens a pop up window.

1.Can you please tell me how to invoke a javascript method onclick of that value

2.How to infer that in the XML(holds the content of the grid)

3.How to pass that link value to the same javascript method

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There are two way
a) encode action directly in link value

b) use onRowSelect method of grid ( basically it will be called on each click inside the grid )

          if (ind == index_of_link_column)
             myCustomCode(id,ind); // by knowing ID and ind any info related to cell can be retrieved
          return true;

I tried this method…but the thing is iam dynamically writing the XML from a java class,storing the entire data as a string and accessing that from a jsp.This is where iam initializing my grid and want to invoke a js method called

function openManageScreen(elem)


Iam writing the XML as


Can you please guide me.

the error i get is teling like - openManageScreen is not defined

The correct XML would be 

a) double quotes instead of single ones ( sorry for misleading example in original answer )
b) the _self instead of self

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