Onclick URL


I’m trying to use DHTMLXmessage in my PHP page. It doesn’t like my page, I think because there is other javascript on there. The message just shows at the bottom of the page.

So instead I’m trying to re-direct method instead.

Can somebody please advise me how do I redirect to another URL when the message button is clicked?

My Code:

Many thanks.


Please be sure that you have included css file on the page
Also, message will not work for IE in quirks mode

If issue still actual - please provide any sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.

I have got the message to display better now, but there are flash objects on my page which cover the messages.
Is there a way to bring the messages to the top, above the flash objects.
Or how do I use the message button to re-direct to another page?

Thanks again.


You can adjust the z-index of message, but I think that in case of IE, it doesn’t possible to show html content over flash or any other active-x based content.

Or how do I use the message button to re-direct to another page?
You can assign callback to the message and from it call something like

document.location.href = "url";

Thanks, I’ll try the callback.
How do I fit that into the code I posted? Thanks.

I managed to work out the callback function.

For anyone else looking for the same:

<script type="text/javascript">
function boxD(){
		text:"<img src='alert_medium.png'>You Have Machinery</br>Operating</br> Out-Of-Spec.</a>",
		document.location.href = "mypage.html";

Thanks for your help Stanislav.