onContextMenu - menu not "attached" to event

I have managed to get a context menu to appear in my timesheet project but not over the actual event: it appears at the top of the main page.

I figure this is because it’s not attached correctly to events. However, the code was lifted verbatim (except for path changes) from the “01_dhtmlxMenu.html” file in the ‘samples\10_integration’ folder. That sample works correctly :frowning: Here’s what I have:[code] scheduler.load(“scheduler/data/GetTasks.php”, “json”);

var menu = new dhtmlXMenuObject();
menu.loadStruct("scheduler/ContextMenu/dhxmenu.xml?e=" + new Date().getTime());

scheduler.attachEvent("onContextMenu", function(event_id, native_event_object) {
 if (event_id) {
 	var posx = 0;
	var posy = 0;
	if (native_event_object.pageX || native_event_object.pageY) {
		posx = native_event_object.pageX;
		posy = native_event_object.pageY;
	} else if (native_event_object.clientX || native_event_object.clientY) {
		posx = native_event_object.clientX + document.body.scrollLeft + document.documentElement.scrollLeft;
		posy = native_event_object.clientY + document.body.scrollTop + document.documentElement.scrollTop;
	menu.showContextMenu(posx, posy);
	return false; // Prevent default action and propagation
return true;

Well! For once, I’ve answered my own question. I was missing a reference to the style sheet file for the menu.

Now all I need to do is fix/work around the issue with Firefox overlaying its context menu…that might take a while longer!