onDataReady is not getting called in dhtmlxgrid


I have attached the event onDataReady and i am using data type as json but this event is not getting called. Actually, i am looking for the event that should get call before showing the data for each row so i think onDataReady function is the same event.


The issue is confirmed. We’re working on it.

I apologize for the delay.
The issue is fixed. Please, open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com so the fix will provided to you.

Was this fix posted in version 4.3?

In my case I am loading data into the grid via a DataStore, and the onDataReady event is never fired. The grid does display the data from the store, however I can’t post process any images or effects.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

this.gridFaults.attachEvent('onDataReady', function(){  // This never gets called
            self.gridFaults.forEachRow(function (id) {
                var ActiveFault = self.gridFaults.cellById(id, 9).getValue();
                 etc.. etc..


Unfortunately the onDataReady event usage is not avaialble in case populating the data to the grid with the dataStore API.
Please, try to use the events of the dhtmlxDatastore to control the data loading in your case.