onDrag event isn't called

I have a tree that I try to drag into from an external source. But the problem is that onDrag and onDrop isn’t called when I drag from that source. onDragIn however is. Since onDragIn works fine, I guess that DnD is defined correctly. onDrag is called correctly when I do DnD internally on the tree.

I don’t get any JS-errors in Firefox so I really don’t know where to begin debugging. Are there som kind of debug-interface to the events in dhtmlxTree?

My version is .2.1 build 90226.

In case of external drag from an external source only onDragIn is called.

The onDrop event handler is specific in this case:

/this function will be called after element is dropped into the tree/

But in this case the default logic isn’t called. So, you should use insertNewItem method to add node to the tree. This approach is usually used to add multiple nodes at once.