onDynXLS for comboSelect

I am trying to use filtering on the dhtmlxCombo, by using remote server calls as suggested in the blog: http://www.dhtmlx.com/blog/?p=95#more-95.

However, i cannot get this line working.

saying htmlFile : unknown name in javascript the debugger.

I am trying to add options to the dthmlxCombo, based on the values returned from a service call,
using a custom defined event handler for ‘onDynXLS’ event.

My version of dthlmlx is : dhtmlxSuite_v25_pro_91111

Please help.

Hi ,
I figured out the solution !
The event handler for onDynXLS should return false, if the intended URL is not to be invoked.
The blog does have the code, I just missed it. :frowning: .
However, i checked out the source code in dhtmlxCombo.js, to further substantiate my conclusion.

dhtmlXCombo.prototype._fetchOptions=function(ind,text){ if (text=="") { this.closeAll(); return this.clearAll(); } var url=this._xml+((this._xml.indexOf("?")!=-1)?"&":"?")+"pos="+ind+"&mask="+encodeURIComponent(text); this._lasttext=text; if (this._load) this._load=url; else { if (!this.callEvent("onDynXLS",[text,ind])) return; this.loadXML(url); } }
The loadXML function is called , only if the eventHandler returns true.

Also , my custom eventHandler was undefined at the point,when it was being attached to ‘onDynXLS’ event. :blush:

Hope this helps someone stuck with a similar issue. :nerd: