onEditCell and checkbox issue

My grid is populated via db connector and I have two columns that are editable. Two of the columns are editable. Column 0 is type ch and Column 1 is type coro. The coro selects are populated with getCombo().put() statements.

I have a onCheckbox event to monitor the ch column that works.

I added an onEditCell event to monitor the coro column (I need the old and new values). It also works but, now the ch column doesn’t work. When I select a checkbox I get “0,1, 0 undefined, undefined” and the checkbox never changes states.

Is there a way to target a column with an event?
I need to monitor both column’s for changes but seem to be limited in my choices for column 1 due to using getCombo().put() to populate it.

(Suite 4.4 Pro)

Please, provide the sample of your code with the init of the grid and your using onEditCell,onCheckBox code.