oneditcell bug

When I use oneditcell,I can not change cell value in grid.

myGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('gridbox'); myGrid.setHeader("规格,Value1,Value2,Value3,删除"); myGrid.setColumnIds("title,Value1,Value2,Value3,Value4"); myGrid.enableAutoHeight(true); myGrid.setColTypes("ed,ed,ed,ed,link"); myGrid.attachEvent("onEditCell",doOnCellEdit); myGrid.init();

In my case,there has not any data when I init my grid.I use function of add_produt to add new row.But I can not change cell’s value when I add is add_row function:

var i=1; function add_produt(grid_obj){ var colLabel2; var j=0; var colNum2 var newId = (new Date()).valueOf(); grid_obj.addRow(newId,"规格"+i+",,,,删除^javascript:delete_row("+newId+");^_blank"); i++; insert_value = grid_obj.cells(newId,0).getValue(); }

Please, make sure that you are returning “true” in your doOnCellEdit function.